Providing Targeted Cancer Diagnostics

  • A new division providing centralized laboratory testing, supporting Clinical Trials, Pharma and Biotech activities

  • Genetically defined human genomic reference standards (gDNA & FFPE)

  • Validated Image Analysis for accurate biomarker quantification.

  • Complete Digital Pathology for remote Case Review, Teaching & Research Pathology

  • Now performing Lymphoma, HER2 FISH/DDISH, ALK NSCLC & Bladder Cancer FISH

  • Specialist Breast & Gastric HER2 IHC testing services now available

  • Providing accredited IHC, ISH, Molecular & Digital Pathology services throughout the UK and overseas

  • Cutting edge research in Next Generation Sequencing for personalised medicine applications

  • Highly Sensitive Mutation Analysis Service for EGFR, KRAS & BRAF

Latest News

UCL-Advanced Diagnostics is a non-commercial, specialist clinical referral laboratory and is part of UCL-CANCER INSTITUTE